2016-03-13 Journey

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begin with One Step

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Ever since I read The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris, I’ve been obsessed with the concept of passive income. The problem wasn’t that I didn’t exactly know how but because I never actually started. I’ve decided to make that change and apply myself this year. And I’ve decided to share my journey.

Before I have a chance to create a steady passive income, I had to get real income to pay my bills. Although I have to work more than 4 hours per week, I did manage to get a job in January as an iOS Developer. I also managed to negotiate a sweet deal that allows me to work remotely. Given the opportunity, I immediately went on vacation to Osaka and Kyoto to de-stress after all the hard work and bullshit I went through in 2015.

After my short trip to Osaka in January, I decided it’s time to build on the foundation I have established. This job wasn’t exactly what I wanted but it gave me a lot of momentum towards my goals. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to achieve my dream but like the post title says:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

And I’ve taken that step.

After trips in Kansai (Osaka & Kyoto, January), Tokyo (April), and Bangkok (June & July), I’ve gotten a taste of what it’s like working and traveling on my own terms. And the first thing I’ll say is how tiring it is, especially if you’re working full-time in a start-up. But I’ll also have to say that while it’s tiring, it’s also worth it. 


Now that I have a salary that will take care of my bills. I can now focus on the second phase of my goal, to create passive income businesses that runs itself.

I will be posting my journey towards this goal on this blog so stay tuned! You will be seeing all my successes, step-by-step progress, and most importantly, my mistakes. Another goal of mine is to also create a community of like-minded people so we can all move towards a brighter future.

To quantify my goals:

  • Create 3 businesses/passive incomes before 2017.
  • Each venture earning $500+ USD/month.
  • Post bi-weekly reports of my progress.



How I made 1 iOS App Preview for all iPhone sizes

iOS Tutorial

This is what you do (this will work if you have at least 1 eligible device):

  1. Record, edit and finish the App Preview with the device you have.
  2. Export as a file.
  3. Go to your Simulators and print screen 1 shot on each the different sizes of iPhone.
  4. Create new App Preview in iMovie.
  5. Insert the screenshot of the desired size FIRST, then add the file of the App Preview you’ve already made.
  6. Export using Share -> App Preview
  7. Repeat step 4 to 6 for new sizes.

You should be able to get your App Preview in the desired resolution.

Easy Export App Icons

iOS Tutorial

Most independent developers have one common issue with submitting their apps to the app store, and that is exporting their app icon designs into the right sizes. Thankfully, Danish designer Michael Flarup has designed a template that saves developers from all kinds of trouble. I’ve used it for all my apps and it is extremely easy to use. Here is an instructional video to get you up to speed:

All you need is photoshop to save you a lot of trouble.